Lala Raščić explores tangible and immaterial cultural forms to build narratives that are manifested through video, live performances, installation environments, objects and drawings. Her interests are simultaneously trained on contemporary and historical storytelling practices, complex systems of mediated knowledge production, as well as folklore practices forms and mythology. Her work inhabits the space between concept and theatricality, often confronting the idea of high culture with popular, mass-media, and traditional cultural expressions, via a critical, namely, feminist position. Her practice at-large encompasses esthetics, feminism, historization and artistic production, as an ongoing, interdisciplinary, and modular endeavor. Raščić’s broad scope is anchored in the narrative and based on the subversion of civilizational tropes and the exploration of their transformative potential set against the backdrop of contemporary ontologies. Through a persistent challenge of the dominant patriarchal authority of ‘telling’, ‘knowing’, or ‘doing’ her position of narrator/maker is inseparable from the female-gendered embodiment of the same. In her work, be it verbally delivering a scripted monologue or dedicating herself to craftsmanship, the act of performing is the emancipatory fact.

Lala Raščić (b. 1977, Sarajevo), currently living and working in Sarajevo and Zagreb, and until recently, in New Orleans. She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Raščić has exhibited internationally since 1998 in solo and group exhibitions. Amongst others, Raščić had attended artist-in-residence programs at the Museums Quartier, Q21, Vienna; Platform Garanti, Istanbul; and Cite des Arts, Paris, amongst others. Raščić is the recipient of several awards including the Future of Europe Award and the Henkel Art Award shortlist. She is a member of artists’ associations in Croatia and the Sarajevo feminist organization CRVENA. From 2011 to 2018 she was an active member of the New Orleans artist-run Good Children Gallery. As of 2017, with CRVENA, Raščić administers and organizes the Nona Residency in her studio in Sarajevo, a retreat-themed residency program for women artists.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2023, Copper on Fire, Hestia, Belgrade | Curated by Hestia Team
  • 2022, Laugh of Medusa, Gallery Nova, Zagreb | curated by Ana Dević / WHW
  • 2021, The more tongues you silence, the more they talk, Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg | curated by Amila Puzić
  • 2020, Jedna Glava, Sto Jezika, CzKD, Belgrade | curated by Dejan Vasić
  • 2019, GORGO, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, cat.
  • 2019, GORGO, Pogon, Jedinstvo, Zagreb | curated by Jasna Jakšić
  • 2018, EE-0, Lumbardhi Cinema, Prizren | curated by Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, cat.
  • 2018, The Eumenides, City Gallery Waldinger, Osijek| curated by Branka Benčić, cat
  • 2018, The Eumenides, Museo Lapidarium Cittanova-Novigrad | curated by Branka Benčić, cat.
  • 2016, Evil Earth System, Good Children Gallery New Orleans
  • 2015, Evil Earth, Cultural Center Tobačna, Ljubljana  | curated by Alenka Trebušak, cat.
  • 2015, How to do Things With Words, Galerija AŽ, Zagreb
  • 2015, The Horizon Tries, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2014, The Eumenides, University of New Orleans Campus Fine Art Gallery
  • 2014, How to do Things With Words, SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana | curated by Vladimir Vidmar, cat.
  • 2013, Library at Night, Gallery Prozori, Zagreb
  • 2013, No Country Other than Liberty, SIZ Gallery at Mali Salon, Rijeka
  • 2013, Whatever the Object, GfZK, Leipzig | curated by Irena Kovarova
  • 2012, A Load from the Inside – Reviewed, Gallery VN, Zagreb | curated by Jasna Jakšić, cat.
  • 2011, A Load from the Inside – Reviewed, Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
  • 2011, Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2010, The Damned Dam, POGON, Jedinstvo, Zagreb
  • 2010, 3 Damned Utopias: 3 narrative performances by Lala Rascic, Zvono, Sarajevo
  • 2010, Individual Utopias, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
  • 2010, Individual Utopias, Zeta Art Gallery, Tirana
  • 2009, Individual Utopias, O.K.C. Abrasevic, Mostar
  • 2008, Individual Utopias II, KC Gallery Balgrade| curated by Dunja Blažević , cat.
  • 2008, Individual Utopias I, B.O.P Gallery, Zagreb
  • 2008, Sorry, Wrong Number, Apartman Projesi, Istanbul
  • 2007, Everything is connected, National Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, cat.
  • 2007, Everything is connected II, B.O.P Gallery, Zagreb
  • 2007, Everything is connected III, Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka
  • 2007, Correspondences, online project, ARC Projects, part of Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh
  • 2006, Sorry Wrong Number, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
  • 2006, Sorry Wrong Number, Gray Area, Korcula
  • 2005, Icons Share Their Wisdom, with Ana Husman, Artenativa, artist run space, Zagreb
  • 2005, Flying Carpet, Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2005, The Invisibles, galerie Dick de Bruijn, Amsterdam
  • 2005, Drawings, with Koen Dealaere, Galerie Dick de Bruijn, Amsterdam
  • 2004, New work, Galerija Nova, Zagreb
  • 2004, City on a Hill, with Ana Husman, KIC Photogallery, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2003, All the extras, with Ana Husman, Zagreb
  • 2001, 17 Stories, VN gallery, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2001, in>side<out, with Ana Husman and Zeljko Blace, Galerija PM, Zagreb
  • 2000, Neohypno romantizam, Galerija SC, Zagreb, cat.

Group exhibitions

  • 2022, Manifesta 14, Prishtina, cat. | curated by Catherine Nichols
  • 2022, Nothing’s Guaranteed: Exhibition of Bosno-Futurism, Sumerhall, Edinburgh, cat. | curated by Jon Blackwood
  • 2022, Comaradeship, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb | curators: Zdenka Badovinac, Kristina Bonjeković Stojković, Petra Cegur, Renata Filčić, Iva Rada Janković, Jasna Jakšić, Vesna Meštrić, Martina Munivrana, Ana Škegro and Leila Topić.
  • 2021, Not definitely lost to each other, 41. Split Salon | curated by Ivana Meštrov and Ana Janevski
  • 2021, Symptoms of the Future: ANCIENT WORLDS, Ten Slotte 5, Out of Sight, Academy – De Tempel  Antwerpen, cat. | curated by Dušica Dražić and Vincent Stroep
  • 2021, Umjetnost Antirata, Art of Anti War, Historijski Muzej BiH, Sarajevo, cat. | curated by Ana Simona Zelenović
  • 2021, Europa Enterprise, Cite des Arts, Paris | curated by Jelena Petrović and Danijela Dugandžić
  • 2021, Not Fully Human, Not Human at All, KADIST, Paris, cat. | curated by Nataša Petrešin Bachelez
  • 2021, Bigger Than Myself, MAXXI, Rome, cat. | curated by Zdenka Badovinac
  • 2020, South, South, Let’s Go South, 30th Nadežda Petrović Memorial, Čačak, cat. | curated by Sarita Vujkovic
  • 2020, Not Fully Human, Not Human at All, Kunstverein Hamburg | curated by Nataša Petrešin Bachelez
  • 2019, Exhibit A, City Art Gallery, MGML, Ljubljana | curated by Alenka Trebušak, cat.
  • 2019, Contemporary Art From Croatia, European Central Bank, Frankfurt AM | curated by Britta Von Campenhausen, cat.
  • 2019, Without Anesthesia, 54. Zagreb Salon of Visual Art | curated by Tevž Logar and Branka Benčić, cat.
  • 2019, Perceptions, Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska | curated by Lana Pilipović, cat.
  • 2018, Stone’s Throw, Pensacola Museum of Art | selected by Carrie Fonder
  • 2018, This Could be the Place, performance festival, Waterloo, ON | selected by Boyana Videkanic, cat.
  • 2018, 7a*11d, performance festival Toronto | selected by Boyana Videkanic, cat.
  • 2018, Too much, Too soon! Open Space, Vienna | curated by: Gülsen Bal & Walter Seidl
  • 2018, Performance, Performativity and Document, The Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad | curated by Dejan Vasić, cat.
  • 2018, Testimony Truth or Politics, Historical Museum of BiH | curated by Noa Treister, Zoran Erić
  • 2017, Testimony Truth or Politics, Legat Čolaković, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade | curated by Noa Treister, Zoran Erić
  • 2017, Testimony Truth or Politics, Bocannera Gallery, Trento | curated by Noa Treister, Zoran Erić, and Giorgia Lucchi
  • 2016, Witnesses – Bodies in Dialogue and Processes of Reflection, Luka Gallery + Anex Gallery + Mul Gallery, Pula | curated by Mara Vujić, cat.
  • 2015, Kabinet, Apoteka in Gallery Waldinger, Osijek | curated by Branka Bencic
  • 2015, Delta Dawn, Flight, San Antonio
  • 2014, Crowning Glory, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2014, Memory Lane, Galerie du Jour, Agnes B, Paris | curated by Pierre Courtin
  • 2013, 54. October Salon, Kluz, Belgrade | curated by Red Min(e)d
  • 2013, Exposures presentation, Art Gallery of BiH, Sarajevo | selected by Dunja Bazevic
  • 2013, Kabinet # 1, Apoteka, Vodnjan | curated by Branka Bencic
  • 2012, Kathmandu International Art Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2012, Spaces: Antenna, The Front, Good Children Gallery, CAC New Orleans | curated by Amy Mackie
  • 2012, Intimacies, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo | curated by Branka Vujanovic and John Blackwood
  • 2011, On stage: narrative and performance in contemporary Croatian video, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna | curated by Jasna Jaksic
  • 2011, Hit Refresh, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans | curated by Cameron Shaw and Nick Stillman, Good Children Gallery
  • 2011, NOLA Now, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans | curated by Amy Mackie
  • 2011, Videonale, Kunstmuseum Bonn | selected by Georg Elben
  • 2011, D-0 ARK Underground, Konjic | curated by Branko Dimitrijevic, cat.
  • 2011, Second World Steierischer Herbst, Graz | curated by WHW, cat.
  • 2011, Picture of Sound, NO Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb | curated by Evelina Turkovic, cat.
  • 2011, Handwriting of the New Age, 46. Zagreb Salon of Applied Art and Design | selected by Ana Peraica, cat.
  • 2010, Transitland TOUR: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles; Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival, cat.
  • 2010, Have a look, Have a Look!, FormContent, London | curated by DELVE
  • 2010, Contemporary Photography, Bascarsija Nights Festival, Kursumli Medresa, Sarajevo | selected by Silvija Dervisefendic cat.
  • 2010, Prospect 1.5, The Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2010, Where Everything is Yet to Happen, SpaPort, Banja Luka | curated by DELVE,cat.
  • 2010, NN (working title), Forum Stadtpark, Graz; Austrian Cultural Forum, London | curated by Eva Martischnik, cat.
  • 2010, Picture of Sound, Multimedia center, Split | curated by Evelina Turković, cat.
  • 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina Searching for Lost Identity, P74 Center and Gallery, Ljubljana
  • 2010, Transitland in Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, Istituto per la documentazione e diffusione delle Arti, Trieste, cat.
  • 2009, Transitland, The Red House, Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia
  • 2009, Transmediale, Transitland Destination Berlin (TCP), Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
  • 2009, Looking at Others, Art Pavillion, Zagreb | curated by Iva Rada Jankovic, cat.
  • 2009, Art and Terrorism, City Gallery Bihac | curated by Irfan Hosic, cat.
  • 2009, Urban Festival ’09, Zagreb | curated by BLOK, cat.
  • 2009, City of Women, “Global South”, Gallery P74, Ljubljana | curated by Dunja Kukovac, cat.
  • 2009, 10 – A Generation of Artist’s Books 1999 – 2009, O’ Artoteca, Milan
  • 2009, The Flag, The Good Children Gallery, New Orleans | curated by Rajko Radovanovic
  • 2008, Salon of the Revolution, HDLU, Zagreb | curated by Antonia Majaca and Ivana Bago, cat.
  • 2008, Natural Relations, City of Women, SKUC gallery, Ljubljana | curated by Dunja Kukovac
  • 2008, Croatia First Minute, Verket, Avesta | curated by Jasna Jaksic, cat.
  • 2008, Land of Human Rights, <rotor>, Graz | curated by Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer, cat.
  • 2008, NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*), AICA, La Centrale Electrique, Brussels, cat.
  • 2008, Land of the Human Rights at the Limits of the Thinkable, Emil Filla Gallery / Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem
  • 2008, Palace, Cinema Palace, St. Gallen
  • 2008, Barricades Without Borders, Sarajevo Winter Festival, IPC Gallery Sarajevo, cat.
  • 2008, SpaPort, 1st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka | curated by Ana Nikitovic, cat.
  • 2007, Women on the Crossroads of Ideologies, City Hall, Split | curated by Ana Peraica, cat.
  • 2007, Heroes in Transition, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham | curated by Jasna Jaksic, cat.
  • 2007, Artists, BOP Gallery, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2007, Retro, Remake, Replay, Cinemaniac
  • 2007, as part of Pula Film Festival, MMC Luka, Pula | curated by Branka Bencic, cat.
  • 2007, Bon Voyage, Threshold Artspace, Perth, Scotland | curated by Ilyana Nedkova, cat.
  • 2007, 29 artists, exhibition of finalists for the MSU and T-HT award, Velesajam, Pavillon 9, Zagreb
  • 2006, Radoslav Putar Award, Finalists 2006, Galerija Galzenica, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2006, Zvono Award, Finalists
  • 2006, Narodni Dom, Banja Luka, cat.
  • 2006, The Young Artists’ Biennial, Absent Without Leave (AWOL)- Bratianu Palace, Bucharest, cat.
  • 2006, Welcome Home Laika, Alti Aylik, Istanbul
  • 2006, New Video, New Europe, The Kitchen, New York City, NY
  • 2006, Insert, MMSU – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, cat.
  • 2005, No Stills #3, Discovering The Balkans, Brussels
  • 2005, Insert, Retrospective of Croatian Video Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, cat.
  • 2005, First person Singular, Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik | curated by Iva Rada Jankovic, cat.
  • 2005, Normailzation: That from a long way off look like flies, Platform Garanti CAC, Istanbul | curated by November Paynter
  • 2005, Outside Sources, Kunstlervereingung MAERZ, Linz
  • 2004, Flash, Likovni Salon Celje, Slovenia | curated by Dunja Kukovec
  • 2004, “Unimovie”, Museo Laboratorio ex manifattura tabacci, Citta Sant’Angelo, Pescara
  • 2004, New Video, New Europe – A Survey of Eastern European Video, The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago, Chicago | curated by Hamza Walker, cat.
  • 2003, Variations in Balkan Spaces, Art Box, Thessaloniki2003, Balkan Konsulat, association for contemporary art, Graz | curated by Lejla Hozdic, cat.
  • 2003, In Between, Art Camp, Ars Aevi, Museum of Contemporary Art , Sarajevo | curated by Asja Mandic cat.
  • 2003, Last East European Art Show, Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade | curated by Silva Kalcic cat.

Performaces | Presentations | Artist Talks

  • 2022, Modal Medley, for Myths and Medusas, City of Women, Old Town Power Station, Ljubljana
  • 2022, Exoneration from Tradition, Museum of the City of Zagreb | produced by Dominno
  • 2022, masterclass, The Laugh of the Medusa, Showroom, Galerija Nova, Zagreb
  • 2022, guest lecturer, Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Sarajevo
  • 2021, GORGO, Smashing the Myth, MANN Museo Archelologico di Napoli |curated by Adriana Rispoli and Zvonimir Dobrović
  • 2020, GORGO, 30th Nadežda Petrović Memorial, Čačak
  • 2020, GORGO, CZKD, Belgrade
  • 2020, The Damned Dam, Art and Feminsim, Nona Residency, Sarajevo, organised by CRVENA
  • 2019, EE-0, finissage of GORGO, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, cat.
  • 2018, EE-0, 7a*11D performance art festival, Toronto
  • 2018, EE-0, Lumbardhi Cinema, Prizren
  • 2018, Conflict Syntax, Historijski Muzej BiH, Sarajevo
  • 2018, This Could be the Place, University of Waterloo, Ontario, cat.
  • 2017, Europa Enterprise: On Commoning, Lumbardhi Foundation, in collaboration with Kadist
  • 2017, On (non) motherhood, symposium, Florida_Lothronger13, Munich | organized by RedMined
  • 2016, Public Readings, Galerija Prozori, Zagreb
  • 2014, gallery talk, University of New Orleans Campus Fine Art Gallery
  • 2014, Memory Lane, Galerie du Jour, Agnes B, Paris | curated by Pierre Courtin
  • 2013, BONE, performance festival, Bern
  • 2011, Oral Tradition and Narrative Performance, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2010, POGON, Jedinstvo, Zagreb
  • 2010, Club Akademija, Belgrade
  • 2009, Connecting Cultures, Milan
  • 2009, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
  • 2009, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, Conceptual Art Class of Marina Gržinić
  • 2008, University of Sarajevo, Academy of Drama Arts,Sarajevo
  • 2008, Individual Utopias, First reading, 10m2, Sarajevo
  • 2007, Trienalle Bovisa, Milan, as part of “Art and Survival” study day
  • 2007, ForumStadpark, Graz
  • 2006, Art In General, New York
  • 2005, Theory in Practice, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
  • 2004, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh


2013, Finalist, Henkel Art Award
2013, Future of Europe Art Award, alpha 2000 and GfZK, Leipzig
2007, First prize, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb and T-HT award, Museum acquisition
2006, finalist, Young Visual Artist Awards, “Radoslav Putar”, Croatia
2006, Young Visual Artist Awards, “Zvono”, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2004, Academic grant from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Croatia
2003, Best young artist, Video Medeja film festival, Novi Sad
2003, Academic grant from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Croatia
2002, First prize in experimental film selection, 7th International Short Film Festival of the Iranian Young Cinema Society, Tehran
2000, mi2 web award, third prize, category, for project Pick-a-Pict,


2019, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA, artist in residence | supported by Trust for Mutual Understanding
2018, Q21, Museums Quartier Residency, Vienna
2018, La Centrale Powerhouse Crossed Residency, Montreal
2015, Kulturni Centar Tobacna, Ljubljana
2008, Kultur Kontakt Artist in Residence Program, Vienna
2007, Edinburgh Residency | hosted by ARC Projects Edinburgh | Sofia
2007, Forum Stadtpark, AIR Exchange program, Graz | supported by CCN, Graz and Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb
2006, ISCP, New York, NY | supported by Foundation for a Civil Society and Trust for Mutual Understanding
2005, Cite des Arts Internationals, Paris | Supported by Croatian Artists Association
2005, AIR at Platform Garanti CAC, Istanbul | supported by the American Center Foundation
2003 – 2004, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, two year work period | supported by Ministry of Culture Netherlands and from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Croatia


ECB Collection, Frankfurt AM
KADIST Foundation, Paris/San Francisco
New Orleans Museum of Art
MSU, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Gallery of Art of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Lauba, The Filip Trade Collection Zagreb
Threshold Artspace Collection, Perth, Scotland
MMCA Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
Private collections in Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and USA


2017, Property of Emptiness, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, featuring work by Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Ana Hušman and Summer Acceptance,

2015, The Horizon Tries,Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, featuring work by Lala Raščić with Lana Čmajčanin and Fokus Grupa

2012, That Passes Between Us, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans | with Lana Čmajčanin, Jim Finn, Ivan Grubanov, Sophie Lvoff, Maha Maamoun, Ahmet Öğüt, Marko Peljhan, Nebojša Šerić Shoba

2008, An Exhibition Formerly Known as Boys and Their Toys, Gallery of Student Center Zagreb | with Brody Condon, Michael Smith, Nathan Parker, Ivan Fijolic, Ivan Kozaric a.o.

2007, Vocal Verbal, Gallery of Student Center Zagreb | exhibition featuring Anri Sala, Sejla Kameric, Chantal Akerman, Kristina Leko, David Maljkovic, Tina Gverovic, Kalup Linzy a.o.

2006, Applied Go Go, Student Center Zagreb | month long program of events, talks, and workshops with November Paynter, Ana Peraica, Matthieu Prat and Anna Colin focused on interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and curatorial practices.