Everything is Connected / 2007


Everything is Connected is a five-channel video/audio installation. On five monitors five characters are having a conversation. They are bosses of criminal groups. The story is set in a situation where they – nameless criminals meet in a nameless space to discuss the fate of an unnamed kidnapped child. The video is black and white, the overall atmosphere evokes the “image” of the 1930’s. Apart form costume and the camera work, what links us to this time-period is the media-motif of the audio drama; the characters are actually actors in an audio play. In the isolated ambiance of the anechoic chamber of the recording studio, a plot without a denouement takes place.



Everything is Connected
5 chanel video installation
10 min, Mini DV/PAL/BW/Mono, bosnian spoken with english subtitles
performer: Lala Raščić
script: Lala Raščić, Arslan Raščić
camera: Ivan Slipčević
editing: Lala Raščić
make up & styling: Maja Krišković, Snježana Topalušić

Everything is Connected
series of storyboard drawings
charcoal on paper, 61 x 43 cm

Everything is Connected
handwritten script
pencil, colored pencil, pen on paper, all 100 x 130 cm

I wish to thank: Silvija Stipanov, Kultura SC, SCCA, National Art Gallery of BH

Courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb