Death and the Dervish / 2008



This video is produced as a commission by the Sarajevo production company for their TV series about Bosnian and Herzegovinian authors. The book “Death and the Dervish” by Meša Selimović is one of the all time masterpieces of Bosnian literature. The main protagonist, the Devsih Ahmet Nurudin is torn apart between what life has thrown him and the dogma of his order. Most of the book is in monologue, tracing the Dervish’s internal turmoil.

My interest in working with the text was to select parts of the book that related most to my own inner world and deliver them in a specific way. I also tried to reflect the essence of the book by the camera movement and atmosphere.

The reading of the text is staged as a rehearsal. The overhead light creates a dramatic effect as the camera circles around me while I perform the text of this fascinating book. The video changes between me being the character, acting the character or just reading the character of the Dervish.

video, 8 min, HDV, color, stereo, bosnian spoken

based on the book by Meša Selimović
performed by: Lala Raščić
camera: Ivan Slipčević
editing: Hrvoslava Brkčić
make up and styling: Maja Kriškovic
hair: Snježana Topalušić

produced by, Sarajevo