Evil Earth / 2015

installation / 4mm glass, 22K gold leaf, wood, dimensions variable
video /  HD, mono, 30 min

Evil Earth is a project dealing with the representation of landscape under contemporary conditions of visuality. As Marjorie Hope Nicholson outlines in Mountain Gloom, Mountain Glory, the shift in mountain attitudes in writings of the English poets of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries came about due to advances in science and technology, Evil Earth explores the cognitive shift happening today. The basic question asked is how does our perception and understanding of nature, earth and our environment change under the influence of contemporary consumer modes of visualisation and screen technologies? Evil Earth was realised during the CC Tobacna 001 residency and took form as an ambient installation comprised of text and image based reflective objects, projected images, and a 30 minute video essay, exploring the notions of landscape, mountains, new optics, vertical imaging and remote perspective.

The multilayer glass object points to the stratification of metadata, while simultaneously creating an image overlay and consequently distorting the original image. The perspective play is enhanced by the reflections of words on the walls of the exhibition space that further disperse and fragment the view. These are key words that represent phases of her contemplation and research of optics without the subject and perceptual twist caused by the remote perspective, the consumer deployment of drones and selfie sticks, for example.
From text by Alenka Trebušak READ FULL TEXT

Now, the multi-dimensional world of Lala reveals that evil is not something unknown; it is not something unfamiliar, evil is simply an inherent part of good and beneficial. Because for something to exist as beneficial, there needs to be evilness.
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Evil Earth’s Notebook, HD and 4K transferred to HD, mono, 30 min
drone video footage and operation: Videa, Škofja Loka
additional video recording: Lala Raščić
video editing: Lala Raščić
sound recording and engineering: Makis Anandiadis
sound recorded at Radio Študent, Ljubljana
produced by Kulturni Centar Tobačna 001, Ljubljana

Exhibits (all 2015):
Evil Earth’s Notebook, HD video, mono, 30 min
Remote Perspective, tabletop installation, dimensions variable, glass, gold leaf, wood, light
Evil Earth’s Notes, tabletop installation, dimensions variable, glass, gold leaf, paper
Iterative Glass (Triglav), object, 100 x 90 x 40 cm, glass, gold leaf, paint, wood
Semantic Fields, object, 90 x 90 cm, glass, gold, paint
Mountain On Earth, slide projection, dimensions variable

photo documentation by: Matevž Paternostar
acknowledgements: Bojan Anđelković, Ajdin Bašić, Lenka Đorojević, Fšk, Marko Plahuta, Lina Rica