Lights and Warnings / 2008-09

Lights and Warnings, audio, 20 min (Croatian spoken)

The project was developed during my residency say in Vienna October – December 2008. I got started by sorting out the photo albums on my hard disk. The images of past events, almost forgotten, caused intense emotional reactions – like the split second when a photograph of my grandmother on her deathbed appeared on the screen, an image that I never knew I had.

The process that followed was monitoring these feelings, and cleansing oneself in an almost ritualistic re-renderings and tracings of these images in drawing and watercolor. I was using the time of my stay in Vienna to write a text based on the process of  remembering, meditating and drawing. The text premiered as a verbal performance at the opening of the exhibition. During the performance I am taking a distance from my public and from the personal  by hiding behind a – theatrically placed and lit – paravan.  Some of the watercolors and drawings were also on display, thus creating a loose, rebus narrative.

The  text of the performance came to be an audio piece. It was produced by a Croatian public radio station, HR 3, finalized in 2009.