The Flying Carpet / 2005


The installation consists of a platform, which is suspended from the ceiling and speakers. The platform represents a flying carpet, a sculptural form that people can sit on. It is made of wood and is colored by dark wax with a pattern of an oriental carpet on it. It is possible and expected for visitors to sit on the carpet and thus experience the installation.
The sound that is broadcast from the speakers are live audio streams form various locations. The sounds from a network of various locations that are simultaneously streamed, collect around the “flying carpet” creating a unique fantastic soundscape.

Travel here is enacted on a virtual level: the emission of sounds, arriving at the gallery from different locations in the world with the help of web streaming, are components of the autor’s composition – a soundscape that is formed around the flying carpet on which the visitor can “fly away”. The sound isn’t a result of recordings of urban environment but is directly broadcasted so that each moment of the 24 hour composition is unique. As the phantasmagoric destination of the magic veichle.
(from the text by Jasna Jakšić for Flying Carpet exhibition in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, 2005)

The Flying Carpet

2005, sound installation
moulded multiplex, stainless steel, speakers, sound
dimensions od flying carpet 75 x150, height and dimensions of installation variable

collaborator: Marcell Mars

Courtesy of Filip-Trade Collection of Contemporary Art