The Invisibles / 2005

As in the H.G. Wells novel “The Invisible Man”, the idea of physical invisibility in this project is used as a metaphor for the outsider, the socially outcast individual. The drawings touch upon the various aspects of invisibility: social and civil invisibility, the notion of escape, criminal activities, freedom, identity and the ‘what-if’ realitiy of a physically invisible person. Along with the prints, the main part of the project is a video showing a performance of an audio drama of the same name: “The Invisibles”. A story of an invisible family planning to go on a vacation is delivered through a conventional narrative structure. This light satire touches upon the absurdities of contemporary society: the bureaucratic mechanisms, collective paranoia and surveillance systems. This work is neither an audio drama nor a video in the full sense; it lingers as the “other”, in between the two genres.

The Invisibles (rehearsal for an audio drama)
video, 2005
31 min, Mini DV, PAL, Color, Stereo
performance, script and video: Lala Raščić

The Invisibles
Drawing installation, series of 14 drawings
Dimensions variable, all K3ultrachrome print on canvas