Lala Rascic at Art and Terrorism

Art and Terrorism


02. 07. – 23. 07. 2009, City Gallery Bihać
opening: 02.07.2009. u 20:30 h

The Exhibition Art and Terrorism: Bosnian Herzegovinian
artwork post 9/11 showcases some fifty works by thirty
artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition hopes
to show a connection between terrorism and the events of
September 11th with Bosnian Herzegovinian art.
The author of the exhibition, Mr. Ifran Hošić, points out
that the Sarajevo assassination, like many events which
are deeply rooted in our history, is really factual coverage
of the appointed thematic framework. And like a typical
terrorist attack, the Sarajevo assassination gave us the right
to observe Bosnian Herzegovinian artwork through a layered
prism of terrorism. (Irfan Hošić).
The exhibition also offers a thesis that terrorist events
since 9/11 have brought Bosnian Herzegovinian artists
to a problem which favors, after years of  non-existence
of stylistic and thematic homogeny, a rehabilitation of
the term Contemporary Bosnian Herzegovinian Fine Arts.
The thematic framework appointed by the discourse on
terrorism calls for responsibility in searching for a more
precise definition of contemporary Bosnian Herzegovinian
The exhibition focuses on the work of Bosnian Herzegovinian
artists who in some way or another directly analyze the
terrorist events since September 11, terrorism in general, or
similar topics such as assassination, insecurity, and identity,
which are somehow related to events since September 11,
and reaffirmed in the era of ”The War on Terror.” So these
works are characterized by a wide spectrum of different
stylistic features, as well as for very homogenous thematic
As most of these works have not yet undergone expert
analysis, there is a need for an overall synthesis that would, at
day’s end, determine the position of Contemporary Bosnian
Herzegovinian art by placing it in a wider artistic context.
Interpretation of the gathered pieces will result in new
which is, in the context of a lack of serious theoretical analysis, a
source of misunderstanding and ignorance.
A characteristic that supports the thesis of the uniqueness of
contemporary Bosnian Herzegovinian art is the fact that some of
the artists, due to specific situations in our country, have for years
now lived in other communities, and are subject to the longterm
and latent process of redefinition of  personal identity.
Some have, because of the long years of war in their homeland,
found new homes in the United States of America, Canada,
Croatia, or some other European countries, so their gathering for
the purposes of this exhibition will highlight a specific character
of our contemporary art.
Gradska galerija Bihać
Bosanska 15
77000 Bihać
(037) 223 083
gallery director: Nermin Delić
opening: Thursday, 02.07.2009. u 20:30 h

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