In preparation for the CORNERS CAUCASUS Xpedition!

CORNERS is a new initiative that explores regions far away from the cultural, political and economical centres of Europe, unknown to many. CORNERS shifts perspectives, putting the periphery centre stage. CORNERS is designed to encourage inspiration and knowledge for artists to communicate the rich diversity of these regions of the wider European cultural space.

Presently the regions we are focusing on are in the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro), the East (Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Kaliningrad, Belarus), Caucasus (Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan) and the North (Sweden and Norway).

CORNERS is an intercultural arts project, created and developed by six cultural organisations in Europe. The first phase, CORNERS Research & Development (R&D), consists of four Xpeditions to the outer regions of Europe. More than 40 artists and researchers will travel in each region for almost two weeks to encounter culturally/socially/politically active citizens and organisations and learn about their regions. From this experience they will make proposals for new artistic work. In the Second Phase of CORNERS these proposals will be co-produced by the partners in the project and distributed across Europe.