Posing Process

photo by Angela Berry

a work in progress at the CAC 25.02 -10.06.2012
a project initiated by: Lala Rascic
in cooperation with: Sophie Lvoff, Jessica Bizer, Antenna Galley, Djogo De Lima

“Collectivity is something that takes place as we arbitrarily gather to take part in different forms of cultural activity such as looking at art. If we countenance that beyond all the roles that are allotted to us in culture –roles such as those of being viewers, listeners or audience members in one capacity or another — there are other emergent possibilities for the exchange of shared perspectives or insights or subjectivities — we allow for some form of emergent collectivity.” – Irit Rotgoff

Posing Process (working title), is an open research project/performance organized for the occasion of the Spaces: Antenna, The Front, Good Children Gallery at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans by Bosnian/Croatian artist Lala Raščić with Sophie T. Lvoff (both members of Good Children Gallery). A symbolic office space/studio, consisting of a simple desk, has been installed in the gallery at the CAC. This space will serve as a venue for the artist (and collaborators), which she will use during regular gallery hours to sit, think, meet, and develop a multi-media installation/performance. The work carried out will start from scratch with open ended and unpredictable results. A video installation will premiere as a special event at the closing of Spaces.

The artist sets forth very simple parameters—to explore the idea of cooperation and collectivity by building relationships with different collectives. The groups that will be engaged begins with the entities presented in Spaces (Antenna, The Front, and Good Children Gallery), but will also involve other people who work collectively, such as a dance troupes, a choir, activist groups, etc.

One of the many ideas that has solidified in the past few weeks since the projects’ inception is developing a video installation that includes footage from security cameras that will be installed in Antenna, The Front, and Good Children Gallery during the three “second Saturday” openings (March, April, and May) that occur during the course of the exhibition at the CAC.

Proposed collaboration would be organizing “flash mobs” during the second Saturday openings on St. Claude with the groups filming them in silent videos where verbal communication is replaced by visual behavior such as body language and emotions.

Follow the schedule of the Flash Mob Posing Process actions on www.meetup.com!

The primary purpose of this project is to investigate the notion of a collective action and the energy that is subsequently generated.