Everything is Connected @ Perceptions, MSURS

Everything is Connected, 2007, c-print on dibond, custom frame

Perceptions: The Beauty of a Flower is in the Picking
March 7 – May 27 2019

Production still form Everything is Connected from the collection of Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska goes on display at the exhibition Perceptions, alongside notable British and local women artists.

Perceptions: The Beauty of a Flower is in the Picking is a new art project in the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska, which continues an exceptionally successful collaboration with the British Council. Perceptions primarily points out the correlating artistic practices of women artists living and working in different geographical, social, cultural, and economic contexts. The aspect they noticeably differ in, however, is their distinct viewpoints, as well as their peculiar attitudes, conditioned by their relative contexts. Exhibition curator Lana Pilipović divided the exhibition into four conceptual segments: exhibition consists of four conceptually separate sections, titled Reflection, Exposure, Gendered Bodies, and Spirit.

Participating artists: Abigail Lane, Anthea Hamilton, Camilla Løw, Celia Hempton, Clare Strand, Elizabeth Price, Gillian Wearing, Helen Chadwick, Laura Aldridge, Lubaina Himid, Madame Yevonde, Rachel Whiteread, Sarah Lucas, Tracy Emin, Margareta Kern, Sandra Dukić, Nives Kavurić Kurtović, Irma Markulin, Marija Dragojlović, Svjetlana Salić Mitrović, Kosa Bokšan,Vesna Perunović, Lala Raščić, Borjana Mrđa, Biljana Gavranović, Kata Mijatović.