GORGO live @ Museum Night MSURS

May 18, 2019 at 19:00
Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska
European Night of Museums
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Gorgo, a beheaded Medusa returns in the form of the artist’s body, protected by a copper armor. The Medusa, Gorgon:GORGO resurrects by way of ancient crafts and technology. The copper of the armor is the ancient material that has been worked for battle armors and households for centuries and is mired in the past. Rascic’s video brings the Medusa, with all her meta-baggage, into the present and a speculative future by the simple agency of sound amplification generated by the artists’ body and armor in performance. Gorgo’ s armor, crafted in collaboration with the only female coppersmith in Bosnia, apart from evoking a “cyborg in becoming” is treated in the space of the exhibition like the remains of an unknown, ancient, heroine in an archeological display.

Jasna Jakšić

Performed by Lala Raščić
Copper armor by Nermina Beba Alić
Live sound processing by Hrvoje Nikšić
Costume by Marijana Kramarić
Promo text by Jasna Jakšić
Supported by MSURS and City of Zagreb