Contemporary art from Croatia @ European Central Bank

Visitors at the opening of the Croatian Art Exhibition in the ECB Main Building in Frankfurt are looking at artworks of Lala Raščić (EE-0 collages). 26 June 2019

ECB’s arts collection continues to grow, mainly through the acquisition of artworks from the “Contemporary art from the Member States of the European Union” annual exhibition series, which features a different country every year. The series aims to showcase the diverse range of each country’s artistic output and highlight some of the key ideas currently being discussed in the art world. From 27 June to 18 October 2019, the 22nd exhibition of the series puts the contemporary art scene of Croatia into the spotlight. The exhibition features both emerging and established artists, with their works drawing on the complex relations between society, politics and culture.

from the ECB website

EE-0 collages, 2019
series of six collages, photo-print and cardboard, custom frames