20 October 2022 at 18h
Closing event of exhibition False Clouds

The closing event of False Clouds brings together the academic and artistic practices of Damir Arsenijević and Lala Raščić, who merge their approaches in an experimental form of collaboration. In the first part, Arsenijević’s presentation highlights how the transition from a socialist system, through the war, to the present day in Bosnia and Herzegovina enabled structures of privatization and capitalism to unleash environmental violence. After his lecture, the screening of Raščić’s video work No Country Other than Liberty familiarizes us with the observations of the 19th century anarchist, geographer and ecologist Elisee Reclus. His travelogue A Voyage to New Orleans records contested sites of nature and society surrounding the Mississippi river. In their subsequent exchange,  Arsenijević and Raščić will be indexing the vile –  anticipating of a  dystopian scenario that involves the grotesque and in which environmental violence runs rampant.


Work on show in FALSE CLOUDS: No Country Other Than Liberty