video installation / series of objects

The menacing narrating spider in Raščić’s video EE-0 prophetically announces: “It’s time to snatch the Gorgon head and rejoin it with the body.” GORGO is dedicated to the mythic figure of Medusa, the Gorgon – Gorgo. Medusa’s decapitation was a violent act of colonial patriarchy, as is the appropriation of her head as decoration for shields, armor, gables, plates, cups, and buttons. Using formulas from folktale and myth such as resurrection after initiation and the arming of the hero, the video rests on the premise the Medusa’s dismembered body is made whole again, she is born again. In the video Raščić, embodies the character of the Gorgo, and dons a copper armor that is at the same time an audio instrument. The armor is a product of collaboration with a sound artist and a coppersmith. Contact microphones on the inside of the armor pick up on Gogo’s every movement and the sounds are further processed. Gorgo’s armor is fabricated by the sole female coppersmith in Bosnia, Nermina Beba Alić, breaking with the patrilineal tradition of this craft.

Complementing the video and installation is a limited edition riso-printed poster, printed by CONSTANCE, New Orleans, and with text by Jasna Jakšić.

Gorgo, 2019
single channel video installation
HD video, color, stereo, ed 1 + ap
directed and produced by: Lala Raščić
director of photography and light design by: Ivan Slipčević
sound recording, live processing, and mastering by: Hrvoje Nikšić
copper armor manufactured by: Nermina Beba Alić
costume by: Marijana Kramarić
video editing by: Lala Raščić

Gorgo’s Armor, 2019
shield, mask, greaves, vambrace, breastplate
copper, leather
dimensions variable

Making of, 2019
single channel video
HD video, color, stereo, ed 1 + ap
coppersmith: Nermina Beba Alić
camera and sound recording: Adnan Šahbaz

Smith, 2019
series of 9 photographs
dimensions variable
c-print mounted on dibond, wood

The Dig, 2019
series of 21 reflective plate glass objects
4mm glass, 22k gold leaf, japan paint, wood, light