The Invisible General:Night of the Iguana


Lala Rascic’s works “Invisible general” and “Iguana night” in a different way deal with the recent war history of this region. The hero of her works is former “the most wanted” Croatian fugitive, Ante Gotovina. He has been, during his years-long hiding from the Hague tribunal,  constantly present in the media reality, but at the price of losing his own identity. The media hagiography about the most wanted and searched fugitive has increased in the form of real “literal production” in the form of biography as adventurous novel, and the video parts of Lala Rascic’s installation are based  on the unpublished text of an adventurous love  novel. The artist approaches one of the most famous national fugitives without the direct political mask, in another words through the media manipulated appropriation and erotic desire, as dark side of h/Eros.

(from the text by Jasna Jakšić, foreword for the Heroes in Transition exhibition, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 2007)