Whatever the Object

three-channel video / installation

Starting from an arbitrary event Whatever The Object is a project that explores the notions of translation and transmutation. Three found pages of an unidentified book are analyzed as an object and a source of meanings. The project develops through a video and a spatial installation.

In the video three actresses read the script based on an almost forensic analysis of the found pages, its content, its physical properties, concentrating specifically on one sentence singled out from the text because of its cryptic nature. The said sentence is translated and thus re-interpreted through translation into Croatian, English, German. Numerous versions of its translation explore it linguistically, opening the space for the speculation of its meaning, which is in turn deconstructed thru the repetitive verbal interpretation of the sentence in the three languages.

A spatial installation consists of a schematic representation of the translation of the sentence and of the transmutation of the spoken to the written word, painted on glass. The letters are executed in the technique of verre églomisé, a technique of using gold leaf, which is adhered to glass, resulting in a mirror-like, reflective finish.

This work continues my research of storytelling, text and performance, this time, for the first time in collaboration with actresses. A sober analysis of a found object creates nodes that collect facts and fictions – starting from the random event, an arbitrary object and a cryptic sentence – approaching alchemy, as a method of turning base metals into gold, creating something from nothing, multiplying elements, attaining enlightenment, exploding the narrative field..

Whatever the Object
three-channel video
22 min, HD, mono, color
script: Lala Raščić, Silvija Dervišefendić, Veronika Somnitz
actresses: Silvija Dervišefendić, Andreja Dugandžić, Mona Muratović
camera: Ervin Prašljivić
editing: Lala Raščić
sound recording: Predrag Đorda
sound post – production: Nedim Imamović
costume: Citoyenne K – Marijana Kramarić
make-up: Naida Đekić

Whatever the Object
97 panels, 22k gold, 4mm glass, wood, paint
dimensions variable

Thank you: Elizabeth Holt and Silvija Devišefendić

Supported by:
alpha 2000
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig
Ministry of Culture, Croatia