Exoneration of Tradition – performance for three pans and voice
December 03, 2022. at 12h
Zagreb City Museum

Producer: Udruga Domino

Exoneration of tradition is a hybrid performative project by multimedia artist Lala Raščić. The performance is based in the artist’s research of tepsijanje, a mainly female traditional custom – a heritage facing oblivion – and places it in a contemporary context. Through a feminist prism, the artist explores new possibilities of using the tepsija / pan as an idiophonic instrument liberated from the context of instrumentalized tradition and folklorized representation.

Tepsijanje is a traditional, almost exclusively female custom of playing with the help of copper trays, or pans. Women turned to making music with pans due to the censorship imposed by patriarchal social norms, in search of alternative means of letting their voices be accompanied by an instrument. By tepsijanje, they created an authentic expression and embodied resistance and revolt through this proto-feminist gesture.

Raščić herself, her collaborator and folk singer and panner Azre Pondro, and a mechanical pan participate in the performance. In the Museum of the City of Zagreb, on December 3 at 12 noon, the audience will watch and listen to three pans engage in a simultaneous symphony, for the first time on record, the sound of which will be live processed by Hrvoje Nikšić.

Author: Lala Raščić
Performers : Lala Raščić, Azra Pondro
Artistic collaborator : Valentina Lazmanović
Sound designer: Hrvoje Nikšić
Light designer: Tomislav Maglečić
Visual design : Lala Raščić
Production: Association Domino
Financial support : Ministry of Culture and Media, City of Zagreb

We thank the Museum of the City of Zagreb: director Aleksandra Berberih Slana and head of marketing and PR Ana Torić, the Voćarska Local Board and the Zagreb Dance Center!